Ribolov | Nastanitev

Okolica naših revirjev ponuja bogato turistično ponudbo.
Vsi, ki boste prišli na ribolov v naše revirje, lahko uživate tudi v bogati kulinarični ponudbi Zgornje Savinjske doline.
Spodaj so naštete lokacije, kjer lahko prenočite in kupite ribolovne dovolilnice.

Nastanitve (priporoča ribiška družina Ljubno ob Savinji)

Gostišče Kegljišče
g. Beno Ermenc
Rore 25
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Tel: +386 3 838 12 63
Hotel Planinka
Plac 7
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Tel: +386 3 583 42 55

Mirjana's Lodge
ga. Mirjana Pavlic
Podvolovljek 28
3334 Luče
Tel: +49 170 240 29 70
Šport in rekreacija – TK Plaznik
Podter 6
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Tel: +386 3 838 10 16
Gsm: +386 31 565 495
Fax: +386 3 838 10 17

Šport center Prodnik
Juvanje 1
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Tel: +386 3 838 10 30
Gsm: +386 41 752 111
Gsm: +386 31 752 111

Kavarna Guesthouse S
Luče 87
3334 Luče
Gsm: +386 41 455 420

Ekološko turistična kmetija Kolar
Kolovrat 9
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Tel: +386 3 5841 091
Gsm: +386 41 506 946
facebook, messenger: Ecological tourist farm Kolar, @TuristicnaKmetijaKolar

Ostale nastanitve

Turistični center, apartmaji, ribogojstvo in pohodništvo Povh
Ter 21b
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Gsm: +386 41 771 072
Gsm: +386 31 332 287
Penzion »Hiša sonca«
Marjeta Terbovšek s.p.
Luče 130
3334 Luče
Gsm: +386 70 849 991
Turistična kmetija Bevšek-Ošep
Robanov Kot 29
3335 Solčava
Tel: +386 3 8386036
Gsm: +386 41 556 746
Gostišče – Penzion »Raduha« | ga. Martina Breznik
Luče 67
3334 Luče
Tel: +386 3 838 40 00
Gostišče Pevc & Hostel Ljubno
Loke 16
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Tel: +386 3 839 45 30
Gsm: +386 31 411 666
Hiša Prdelanca
Rudi Strmčnik, sobodajalec
Krnica 70
3334 Luče
Gsm: +386 41 783 643
Kamp NaturPlac
Primož pri Ljubnem 23
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Gsm: +386 51 235 215
Apartma ANA
Ter 74
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji
Gsm: +386 51 358 038

Povejte nam svoje mnenje

Prepoved ribolova

Spoštovani gostje in člani ribiške družine Ljubno ob Savinji, obveščamo vas, da je v skladu s sklepom sprejetim na redni seji upravnega odbora ribiške družine Ljubno ob Savinji, dne 22. avgusta 2023, do nadaljnega prepovedan ribolov v vseh revirjih Zgornjesavinjskega ribiškega okoliša. Upravni odbor ribiške družine Ljubno ob Savinji

Prohibition of fishing

Dear guests and members of the Ljubno ob Savinja fishing family, we inform you that in accordance with the resolution adopted at the regular meeting of the board of the fishing family Ljubno ob Savinja, on August 22, 2023, until further notice, fishing is prohibited in all areas of the Zgornjesavinjska fishing district. Board of Ljubno ob Savinja fishing family

Catastrophic flooding in the Savinja valley

Dear guests, dear friends of the river Savinja,

Fish farm in Ljubno after flooding
It is breaking our hearts to inform you that our Savinja valley was devastated by catastrophic flooding 4.8.2023. The river destroyed the whole valley, many houses are gone forever. Roads in the valley are destroyed, as well as most of other infrastructure. Several thousands of people have barely escaped and several hundreds have fought for their lives and were rescued by helicopters, some of them after one or even two days.

The flooding destroyed our fish farm in Podvolovljek, it destroyed our fish farm in Ljubno as well as most of our equipment, damaged our vehicles etc. Our hearts are truly broken. All the work from the past decades was gone in several hours. Most of our local members have their houses flooded or affected by landslides. Others are helping in search and rescue missions or are helping to restore minimum infrastructure. The whole area is without drinking water, electricity and other goods.

Rescue services are helping people in areas that are cut off and they are delivering them food, water and power generators. At this moment there are no human lives that would be directly endangered and that is a miracle.

You can see the devastation in the valley between Okonina and Luče and from Podvolovljek (Lučnica) to Okonina (Ljubno) on the video that was taken by our president Križnik Gregor in one of the helicopter rescuing missions on 6th of August 2023.



Facebook post about flooding

For all of those who would like to help us please consider the following:

At the moment the club can not use any volunteers, any offers with human power or machinery help will be held aside and you will be contacted later when the situation allows normal access to our area. Our club will need a lot of money resources in order to restore at least minimum capacities in our fish farm that will allow us to produce juveniles for restoring the fish populations to a minimum level. Fishing will not be possible for at least three years.

All of you that would like to donate the Flyfishing club Ljubno any amount of money are truly welcome and we will ensure that it will be used exclusively for rebuilding our fish farm infrastructure and equipment for fisheries management.

Our bank account is open at DBS d.d.:
IBAN: SI56 1966 0500 5329 754
Reference: Donation

Our address for the transfer:
Ribiška družina Ljubno ob Savinji
Na Peceh 10
3333 Ljubno ob Savinji

You can also DONATE by clicking the foundraiser at:

For any questions please write us an email | info@rd-ljubno.si, we will reply as soon as possible.
In the name of our flyfishing club and in the name of the river Savinja we thank you for your support!

In the name of the head of the Flyfishing club Ljubno ob Savinji:
Gregor Križnik, president